The Kingdom Investor

.01 - Welcome To The Kingdom Investor Podcast!

August 18, 2022 Daniel White Episode 0
The Kingdom Investor
.01 - Welcome To The Kingdom Investor Podcast!
Show Notes

Welcome to The Kingdom Investor Podcast! A podcast made for you who want to grow and take your generosity to the next level, a show for listeners who want to create a greater impact in other people’s lives, in the community, and around the world and a channel for all who want to leave a godly legacy for generations to come.

Our preview episode today features a conversation between our main host Daniel White and occasional co-host David Clinton. Daniel and David share snapshots of their personal and professional background, their respective missions to achieve God’s purpose. And now, with The Kingdom Investor Podcast, they answer God’s call to bring you stories of leaders who have achieved success in business and are leveraging their success to expand God’s work and create greater Kingdom impact. 

Listen now and get to know our hosts as we look forward to bringing you our first episode!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Daniel White introduces himself and his co-host David Clinton.
  • What made Daniel want to start a podcast?
  • Why Daniel and David chose to share stories of Kingdom-minded business leaders in the podcast
  • Daniel shares his personal story, his business and career, and his passion to use business, investments, and skills to fund missions.  
  • Daniel shares his vision and mission to join God in His work to redeem the world and change lives in the community and around the world.
  • David shares his personal story and his passion to create Kingdom impact, championing the great commission, and inspiring a spirit of generosity for people to invest their time, talents and treasures in God's kingdom.
  • The Kingdom Investor Podcast unites Daniel And David to bring listeners two episodes per week.
  • Listeners may ask questions about podcast topics, guests, and related matters by sending emails to Daniel or David.
  • Be part of our podcast. Reach out, write a review, leave a rating, and share our show and be a blessing to others.


“He (God) showed me and put a passion in my life to use business and the skills I learned from that to create a new model to fund missions.” - Daniel White

“My passion is to see worldly resources used for Kingdom impact as I champion the great commission, the great commandment and the creation mandate. My role in that is to awaken Christians on the joy and the freedom of being generous and removing the barriers that hinder cheerful giving.” - David Clinton

“This podcast makes it possible for you, our listeners to hear inspiring stories as we interview leaders who have been very successful in business and have leveraged their success for a greater purpose.” - Daniel White  

“Our hope is this, to inspire and equip you as business owners and leaders to invest your time, talents and treasure in God's kingdom, faithfully stewarding all God has given you for the greatest Kingdom impact.” - David Clinton

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