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01 - Planting Churches While Growing A Business | Lee Webb

August 30, 2022 Daniel White Episode 1
The Kingdom Investor
01 - Planting Churches While Growing A Business | Lee Webb
Show Notes

Gain high returns, increase productivity, maximize profit, speed up transactions, build relationships with insiders, get into the boardroom – these are the typical goals of business owners who want to be hailed a success in their industry. To pursue these goals, you put in all your resources and efforts to build up equity, privilege, network, and influence. But, have you ever considered a higher form of success? 

Our guest today, Lee Webb, owner of Alton Webb Commercial Real Estate, talks about a different kind of success in business. He shares his experience on leading his real estate business to profitability and success while answering God’s call to pursue a more significant earthly existence and build wealth in His kingdom. Listen now and find out how he embraces his role in planting new churches while not losing sight of his role in the marketplace to grow his business. Listen until the end and learn the ways to grow in generosity. Click the play button now and be blessed by our conversation.

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Lee shares some personal and family information.
  • Lee talks about his experience of being called by God to plant a church.
  • Why discovering your calling, your passion, and your gifts and allowing God to use you for a higher purpose is crucial in the mission of planting churches.
  • The mindset of a business owner who was called by God to serve and plant churches. 
  • How Lee is able to work on his business successfully while answering God’s call to plant churches. 
  • Why playing our roles and allowing others to perform theirs give us the opportunity to contribute significantly to the kingdom.
  • How Lee is bringing together church planters, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
  • Why the greatest tool of evangelism is church planting.
  • What is the trellis analogy?
  • Ways to understand and grow in generosity.
  • How Lee impacts people in the community.
  • Lee answers lightning-round questions.


“Instead of just doing what I want to do, and achieving the goals that I want to achieve, I became a little more interested in what God was up to.” 

“Learn more about what your call is, what your passions are, what your gifts are, and then try to get into a position where you can play to those strings and allow others to play the role that they're supposed to play.”

“That's our most important commodity, the time God has given us.”

“Know your calling, understand the circumstances God has given you, think about your family in light of those things, and spend your time the most effectively you can.”

“If we’ll be willing to look around and think about people, we’ll get into a place where we won't struggle to find opportunities towards generosity. The more we practice it, (the more) we'll understand what Jesus meant when he said in Luke 12, don't be greedy.” 

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Buy the book "Go Outside: Get Up. Get Out. Change the world!" by Alton Lee Webb

About Lee Webb

Lee has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with an emphasis in Business Marketing. Specializing in all facets of commercial real estate, Lee is a licensed real estate broker in KY and holds the CCIM designation. He is very active in the communities throughout the region and has served on various boards as a director. Lee was named to the 2005 Business First 40 Under 40 list, the