The Kingdom Investor

03 - Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose | Biff Buckley

August 30, 2022 Daniel White Episode 3
The Kingdom Investor
03 - Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose | Biff Buckley
Show Notes

We often hear that we should be trying to fulfill our purpose in life. But, what does that even mean and how do you do that? Most of us go about our lives without actively thinking about what purpose we are trying to accomplish. But whether we know it or not, we seek meaning and purpose that will give us stability and a sense of direction. Ultimately, no achievement can bring the kind of fulfillment that comes with finding and living out your sense of purpose.

Our conversation today with Biff Buckley centers on finding and fulfilling one’s life purpose. Looking back at his life experiences, Biff pinpoints defining moments that enabled him to discern what God wants him to do. He says at every juncture in his life, he seeks God’s wisdom and guidance. He talks about key secrets to running a successful business and managing profitable investments. (Hint: It’s got something to do with generosity). Listen until the end to find out how Biff leads a full and meaningful life at 72 by devoting his time, talent, and treasure to help build God’s kingdom. 

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Key Points From This Episode: 

  • A snapshot of Biff’s life, career, and business.
  • A life-changing event that affected the trajectory of Biff’s life.
  • The key building blocks that God has used in Biff’s life that edified his life’s purpose and direction. 
  • Biff’s advice about ambition, purpose, and direction for young men starting early in their career.
  • How Biff discovered his life purpose. 
  • What is a missionary in the marketplace?
  • How Biff practiced servant leadership running his company.
  • How does Biff invest his time,  talent, and treasure now that he is not actively running a business and not worrying about income?
  • Ways that Biff fully engages in ministry activities as he actively seeks opportunities to make a difference every day.
  • The framework and process of giving that Biff follows as he practices generosity.
  • Business secrets that helped Biff grow his business and allowed him to be more generous.
  • Key things to growing Biff’s real estate investments that have allowed him to be more generous? 
  • How Biff gives support to foreign missions that try to reach the unreached and unengaged population groups of the world.
  • Why Biff prefers listening to podcasts rather than reading.
  • Biff answers the lightning-round questions.


“Life is a marathon. It's not a sprint.“

“What is servant leadership? Jesus, of course, modeled for us, leaving the throne of heaven to suffer and die for us because of love. So, I had to figure out how to do that in the context of an office situation.” 

“I became somewhat like a pastor in the workplace and it's one of the things I actually ended up enjoying most. These were the people that I was directly responsible for, caring for them, and watching and seeing them learn to be successful.”

“The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, both spiritual truth and secular truth. So, I have developed a routine early as a believer to have a quiet time and devotional time every morning and ask the Lord for wisdom. I learned to depend on that.”

“The only way to be successful in real estate is the long haul. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a build well slow strategy.”

“If I'm loving God well, if I'm seeking Him and allowing him to form my character, then out of the overflow of that relationship with Him, I will love others well. Those two commandments, if I have a legacy, it would be built on that.”

“ I know what my assignment is from the Lord. I know what it is, and I'm doing it.”

“There is no problem that I would encounter, no circumstances that will come up that He won't give me an answer as to how to meet.”

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