The Kingdom Investor

05 - Creating Wealth While Growing in Faith | Vip Vipperman

September 01, 2022 Daniel White Episode 5
The Kingdom Investor
05 - Creating Wealth While Growing in Faith | Vip Vipperman
Show Notes

While it’s true that in today’s culture and social climate, there is some disdain for wealth due to the many examples of its misuse and how it has caused corruption and evil, we cannot turn our backs on the positive aspects of wealth creation. God wants to provide us with wealth so we can use it to help others, fund projects that further His kingdom and influence here on earth, and leave a godly legacy for generations to come. Wealth doesn’t do us any good if we don’t put it to work and help us grow in faith. 

In today’s conversation with Vip Vipperman, we talk about faith, entrepreneurship, and investing. He details his own journey of faith-driven investing and entrepreneurship and how it has deepened his faith and commitment to God’s call. Listen to how he, backed by his rich faith-driven experience, now helps investors and entrepreneurs grow in faith and collaborate ​in creating wealth in order to produce significant social and economic impact. Find out how investors and entrepreneurs can put charity alongside investments by having a vision bigger than creating wealth – and that is, generating a more meaningful kingdom impact.

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Overview of Vip’s personal background and career.
  • The story of Vip’s encounter with the Lord in middle school and how it has helped him go through high school as an uncool, “odd one out” student. 
  • After earning his master’s degree in Missiology, Vip works with the underground church in China while running a small consulting business to do outreach and ministry.
  • How Vip was called by God to the business world in the US upon his return from China.
  • How he got introduced to Lion’s Den in Alabama - a platform that provides investors and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate ​in wealth creation while having a meaningful kingdom impact - and brought the concept to Dallas.
  • How Vip thrives in the businesses he engages in and grows in his faith while in the business environment as well.
  • Why investors and entrepreneurs need a community to be successful in the business.
  • How Lion’s Den events grew in number across the country and continue to promote faith, entrepreneurship, and investing. 
  • Key pivotal moments in Vip’s journey from success to significance and his thoughts on how we can make that difficult leap of faith when God calls us to something bigger than ourselves.
  • The biblical story of Barzillai, Chimham, and David and its analogy to an investor and entrepreneur relationship.
  • In the framework of time, talents, and treasure in building God’s kingdom, which element does Vip gravitate toward?
  • Vip’s advice on investments for individuals who want to grow in their generosity, impact more lives and leave a godly legacy.
  • Various ways by which investors and entrepreneurs can channel resources to help different social causes and be able to put charity alongside investments.
  • What’s one thing that Vip sees God doing around the world that he’s excited about?
  • Vip answers the lightning-round questions.


“How do I want to steward it well without being just totally attacked by people from every side who are trying to get that money out of me?”

“It really helps if you find a cause or a place that you care a lot about.”

“What are you afraid of? What's keeping you from taking that step.”

“It’s interesting how sometimes you just hand something over to God completely and it really makes a difference.”

“To invest alongside entrepreneurs, to come along with them for the ride, you get to be a part of the journey and experience, some of the ups and downs of it and coach them through it but there's not quite the same pressure.”

“Who is this Chimham in my life, who's that person I'm mentoring or coaching, that entrepreneur or that group who I can put a little bit of capital