The Kingdom Investor

07 - Putting God In Charge of Business and Life | Ken and Rachael Wick

September 03, 2022 Daniel White Episode 7
The Kingdom Investor
07 - Putting God In Charge of Business and Life | Ken and Rachael Wick
Show Notes

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of us would receive a roadmap from God for each of our lives? A blueprint that would tell us what His plan is for us and all we need to do is follow step by step. Alas, life and its turns always seem to leave us dazed, confused and unknowing of what to do next. But the truth is, God knows what He wants for us and he is guiding us and planting seeds in our hearts if only we ask Him. God sees, hears, and answers our prayers. All we have to do is put Him in charge of our lives, even our businesses. 

Proverbs 16:3 “Put God in charge of your work, then what you've planned will take place.” proclaims this truth and who better to manifest the beautiful meaning of this passage than our guests today - Ken and Rachael Wick. Partners in business and partners in life and both life-long educators, Ken and Rachael have experienced God’s hand at work in all aspects of their lives. Now focused full-time in real estate investing that creates a positive impact in the communities they support, the Wicks, putting God in charge of their business and life, always find ways to make things work for the greater glory of God’s kingdom. Listen now and be inspired to discern the Lord’s guidance for your path.

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Ken and Rachael share their personal background as educators and as real estate entrepreneurs.
  • The formative life experiences that shaped Ken’s and Rachael’s present station in life
  • How Ken and Rachael define success in their lives
  • How God revealed to Rachael the charitable mission that they need to undertake when they started to transition to multifamily syndication and consequently, their transition from success to significance
  • How their success in multifamily business corresponded with their increasing number of child sponsorships
  • Incidents that taught Ken and Rachael lessons to be prudent in business, always trust the Lord and always work for a win-win business deal for all parties involved
  • How going into the real estate business allowed Ken and Rachael to openly and freely talk about the Lord, share their faith and help other people as well
  • How Ken and Rachael, through their life of prayer, see God’s hand at work in their business, their charity, and life in general
  • Ken’s life-transforming experience that determined and decided his life path
  • How they utilize a donor-advised fund to have a system for giving
  • Ken’s and Rachael’s advice on how to grow in generosity
  • How Ken and Rachael invest their time, talents and treasure to further God’s kingdom and how they create a legacy for the next generation
  • Why mentoring others in the real estate path has become a passion for Rachael and Ken
  • Ken and Rachael answer the lightning-round questions


“God formed us. He helped us understand how to trust Him with our money. And that evolved into, being able to say, we can sponsor six children. We have no idea but God does. God will show us the way.” - Rachael Wick

“We just follow God's steps, one by one. He doesn't show us the whole picture. You know, I still probably worry too much about what the next step is. But he's always faithful to show one step after another.” - Rachael Wick

“How did you get to the point you are at? By whose grace is the blessings you receive?” - Ken WIck

“I continue to ask myself why am I still here? I had a 4% chance of surviving. It must be something. I shouldn't be here but I am. There’s a reason.” - Ken WIck

“ If you think you're going to fail, if you think you're not significant, I would encourage you to remember that in the Bible, God uses the insignificant people among us to do great things for His kingdom.” - Ken Wick

“There are tons of ways to give back that don't involve money. I encourage you to talk to God and see what he puts in your heart and fol