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09 - Dedicating My Life to Funding Missions | Daniel White

September 05, 2022 Daniel White Episode 9
The Kingdom Investor
09 - Dedicating My Life to Funding Missions | Daniel White
Show Notes
Meet Daniel White, the host of The Kingdom Investor Podcast!

In this episode, you’ll hear about Daniel’s life story - from the miraculous infancy to the entrepreneurial teenage years to mission-affirming ministry to redemptive real estate investing and now he’s been called by God to host a podcast and help build His kingdom. Listen to stories from his heart, get to know what’s on his mind, and discover what kindles his passion.

Daniel has dedicated his business and his life mission to create sustainable funding for missionary work, impact more lives and fulfill the vision that God has put in his heart - the completion of the great commission in this generation. Join Daniel and David Clinton in the conversation.

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • What’s been the most interesting part of Daniel’s year so far?
  • Daniel talks about his childhood and his upbringing in the construction and entrepreneurial world 
  • Daniel’s miracle story as a baby and how it strengthened his faith and commitment to his life purpose
  • How Daniel started and ran his own business at 17
  • Daniel’s first mission work in Chicago where God planted the seed for his mission
  • Daniel drops out of college, gains the best thing out of it (his wife), and starts his own construction business
  • How Daniel used his business as a mission field
  • From construction, Daniel transitions to real estate investing via fixing and flipping, BRRRR method, rentals, etc. and earning active and passive income from it
  • How’s Daniel’s deepening relationship with God taught him that wealth,  money, and success should be used to serve and glorify God and build His kingdom
  • How Daniel uses his income and profits from business to fulfill his mission to provide funding and support to missionary work
  • Daniel details the process of real estate multifamily operation and how investors can help fund missions.
  • What’s the key to unlocking the generosity within Christians?
  • Daniel networks with people who have similar vision and mission as his to bring their stories to The Kingdom Investor podcast and serve as inspiration for listeners

“What's even more powerful is to hear the stories from amazing leaders that we got to meet who have started 70 churches or manage 20 Hope Centers and feed 3,000 kids a day, and just hearing how God is working.”

“I really got to see firsthand how difficult it was for missionaries to raise support and the challenges with funding missions. That really started to give me a passion to create a better way, by using business and investing and creating a better model for funding missions.”

“Why I'm doing this is really to create passive income for missions. We would take the cash flow from our properties or the profit at the end of the month, and we would give it to a missionary. And so we could sustainably fund different missionaries that we want.”

“We're all going for the same vision and goal, ultimately, to glorify God and make him known.” 

“The vision that God has put on my heart is creating sustainable funding in a better funding model, changing the way that we give so that it is possible to fund the completion of the Great Commission in this generation.”

“I felt like God was calling me to start this podcast. And I said, okay, I'm gonna do it, and we are starting it. I would say it's definitely more about living in relationship with God and allowing him to lead the walk.” 

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