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10 - Awakening the Joy of Generosity | David Clinton

September 06, 2022 Daniel White Episode 10
The Kingdom Investor
10 - Awakening the Joy of Generosity | David Clinton
Show Notes

Why do some people give with ease and joy and why do others think twice? There could be many barriers when it comes to being generous, including financial capability, personal circumstances, upbringing, fears, cultural background, or just having the scarcity mindset of “I have to hold on to every dollar”. Generosity starts with embracing the mindset that everything we have belongs to God. The sooner we realize that we are God’s channel for his generosity, the sooner we’ll overcome the mental barriers to giving, awakening the genuine joy of generosity in our lives. 

In this episode, David Clinton, co-host of The Kingdom Investor Podcast, talks about how to awaken the joy of generosity in each of us. He talks about his personal journey to overcoming the scarcity mindset, discovering the path to generosity, and fulfilling his mission to help people find the joy of giving. Here’s an intimate look at his life as a family man, a businessman, and a charitable giving coach whose passion is to see worldly resources be used to advance God’s Kingdom. Listen to the stories of David and Daniel and be inspired!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  •  What impacted David the most this summer?
  •  What's a fun thing that David did with his family this summer?
  • David shares his personal background, his formative years in college, and God’s revelation to him of his mission in life
  • How David and his wife met 
  • How David got into real estate investing
  • David shares his own journey of generosity
  • What's the biggest challenge for people who want to be more generous and who want to take that step towards generosity?
  • How David helps people overcome the barriers to cheerful giving and help them participate in creating a more significant impact in God’s kingdom
  • David shares the vision that God has given him for funding the fulfillment of the great commission, the great commandment, and the creation mandate 
  • Some lessons about generosity in action
  • David recommends the book “Giving Together” by John Rinehart
  • What’s one skill that David's working on right now?
  •  What’s one thing that God is teaching David this season?


“I had this vision, this dream to give money away in a big way. I found out that real estate is the way. It has made more millionaires than any other industry in the world.”

“Whether you're making 10 grand a year or way below the poverty line, or you're making $10 million, there are people who still have that scarcity mindset of ‘I don't know what I'm going to get paid next, I have to hold on to every dollar.’” 

“To think that you're going to make a bunch of money and give later in life is to say that I know what to do with my money better than God does.”

“That's the hardest thing to overcome - realizing that none of this is mine. My house, my truck, my kids, my relationships, it's all God's, and I'm here to be a manager. When we can embrace that, it frees us up so much.”

“When we let go and release what God has put in our hands, He is happy to bless us with more.” 

“What are the barriers to being a cheerful giver? Sometimes it's that scarcity mindset. Sometimes people are just overwhelmed with so many options of organizations and people to support.”

“It's harder to give a million dollars away than to earn a million dollars.”

“I love to help people figure out, where do you fit? What excites you? What problems really bother you in the world? And how can we go after that?”

“The only way we can break the power of the love of money is to give it away, to release it. It can't have a hold on us if we refuse to hoard it.”

“I just want people to feel that joy that comes with giving.”