The Kingdom Investor

11 - 3 Key Traits of A Kingdom Investor | Daniel White

September 09, 2022 Daniel White Episode 11
The Kingdom Investor
11 - 3 Key Traits of A Kingdom Investor | Daniel White
Show Notes

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with an extra $100,000 to spend or use as you please? How would you spend it? Some will keep it locked in a safe as savings for the rainy days while others will invest in stocks, bonds, or real estate, preferably with 30% annual return. Or would you rather become a Kingdom Investor in God’s kingdom with a promised hundredfold return? But, what exactly is a Kingdom Investor?

Listen to our episode today where our host, Daniel White, answers that question. He takes a deep dive into what a kingdom investor is and the three key traits they possess. Daniel examines the biblical passages that characterize a kingdom investor looking into what Jesus says about money and our relationship with it. Click now and find out which one topic Jesus spoke most about that can help us gain riches beyond material resources. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Money is one of the things that Jesus talks about the most in scripture.
  • Key traits of a kingdom investor as characterized by Jesus himself in the scriptures
  • First key trait: having a kingdom perspective (Matthew 6:19)
  • Second trait: being kingdom focused (Matthew 13:44)
  • Third trait: being kingdom driven (Matthew 19:16)
  • How Daniel and his wife Caitlin have experienced the truth of the passages in their lives and are enjoying God’s promise and blessings as kingdom investors
  • Daniel stresses the importance of evaluating our motives for building wealth: Is it to advance our own agenda or to advance God's kingdom and bring Him glory?


“Money is one of the things that Jesus talks about the most in scripture.”

“The only thing that will have eternal significance is our soul.” 

“A lot of times, we idolize money, and we pursue money, and we worship money but that he wants us to worship Him, not money.”

“We really do have to grow in our trust in God because we're no longer trusting in money. There's that void and so we feel like we have to trust in something.”

“It's not about all of this good work. It's not all about following the law. It's about coming into a relationship and accepting this free gift that I'm (Jesus) offering.”

“The kingdom of God is worth more than anything this earth could offer.”

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

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Daniel White is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who strives to add value to others through leveraging the power of business and investing to greatly improve the lives of many. He grew up in a big family, working hard from a young age, and has started three businesses. 

Daniel believes that God has created everyone for a purpose and that each one of us has God given ability's that when fully utilized can have a global impact! 

God has given him and his wife a love and compassion for others that has driven them to do everything they can to find ways to help bring the life-changing hope of the Gospel to a broken and hurting world.